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liverpool, England, Uk

Featuring Chris Pate former frontman of SPV signed recording artists The Arkanes...
The Arkanes "Arctic Monkeys being punched in the face by QOTSA" - Classic Rock Magazine
Think of a dive bar in Liverpool... Nirvana walk in for a well earned beer after rehearsals, but on their way to the bar Kurt knocks into Wolfmothers table spilling beers onto laps and floorboard alike. Quick thinker Krist blames Led Zeppelin who are innocently sat at the next table. The vines preemptively see trouble and step in to simmer things down, but get sidetracked when they hear BRMC who are stood at the bar say “nothing to do with you lad, leave it”.
Hyena Hyenahq Chris Pate






Music making mad men

A bottle gets launched, to which Muse shakes their head and gets Oasis on the blower to come and sort it. They say they’ll be down in ten. Next minute, The Arctic Monkeys roll up and just start glassing Kasabian who mouthed off in the toilets last week in front of the paper towel man. Shits got out of hand and so Jack White calls it a night, turfs the lot of them out and shuts the gaff down for the night before any more shit kicks off....
Just another night at the Hyena lounge.
"Earworm after earworm of cleverly crafted songs, razor sharp lyrics and hooks to die for that stick in your brain like a splinter!" - MMH - The Home of Rock Radio


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