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Cobra Cobra

Portland, Oregon, USA

"The music these guys are bringing is a unique blend of 'past meets future'.

Cobra Cobra's sound is revolutionary. It easily bridges the age gap and deftly combines the best styles loved by Rock and Metal fans around the world." 

"Life After Poison" is the kind of debut album you'd expect from two very talented brothers and their hand picked band mates to produce after investing several years of hard work in a passionate pursuit of their goal.
The end result is simply the new "Gold Standard" for a fresh and revolutionary "hard rock meets classic metal" genre. - hairbandheaven.rocks


debut video 





Cobra Cobra accomplishes fusing classic guitar hero acrobatics with a heavy metal, riff based, dynamic style. To that they add huge sounding 'in your face' drums anchored by an understated yet absolutely brilliant bass. They top it all off with a talented singer described by one music critic as "The type most hard rock and metal bands can only dream of. He's a radio-ready rock vocalist who not only writes ear catching melodies and lyrics, but he can actually cut it both in the studio and onstage!" - hairbandheaven.rocks
Cobra Cobra deliver a non-stop barrage of punchy melodic rock anthems with as much crossover appeal as anything else I've heard this year. Waste no time and check out the sensationally brooding "A Little Dark A Little Sick" and phenomenal "Free In My Head" for two of the best tracks of 2020". "Life After Poison" is the kind of debut album that deserves to be huge. - Geoff Wootton, Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine


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